InstaTiger General Features

With InstaTiger, you can easily set Follower, Follow, Unread, Comments, DM processes automatically to your place!

Sorting By Gender
You can make follow-up drop-out by sex by separating all your follow-up, likes, comments and list operations according to gender.

Tracking a User’s Tracking
You can track all the members that you want an instagram user followed by detailed restrictions.

Usage in Unlimited Account
With the instaTiger program you have the option to use as many Instagram accounts as you want without any limit.

Scheduled Shipment
With the instaTiger program, you can set the pictures immediately or at the desired date and time, and share your programs with you.


Tracking People Followers
You can follow up with all the members who follow an instagram user with detailed restrictions.

Tracking List
You can follow the lists you have created, you can classify the follow-up process, that is, you can restrict the tracking of hidden users, the follow-up of non-profile users.

DM – Reply and Delete
You can view, reply, like, collectively, or individually delete all your private messages that you send or are sent to you.

Transactions by Location
You can keep track of the people you want by limiting the details, you can enjoy each share and you can interact by making individual comments.

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